BSc (Hons) Computing - Level 3 (Hons)


  The project is compulsory. Considered equal to 4 modules(subjects)
  it bears 40 credits. As 120 credits are needed for this level,
  the students take the other standard subjects below combining
  with those shown as electives to reach a target of 80 other credits.
CS300 Project Information
CS305 Advanced Software Development Information
CS310 Professional Issues in Computing Information
CS315 Data & Information Security Information
CS320 Information Systems Management Information
CS325 Emerging Trends & Technologies in Computing Information
CS350 Formal Methods in Software Engineering (elective) Information
CS355 Distributed Systems (elective) Information
CS360 Computer Graphics (elective) Information
CS365 Intelligent Systems (elective) Information
CS370 Network Technologies (elective) Information
CS375 Data Warehousing (elective) Information
CS380 E-Commerce (elective) Information