Guide for Teachers - IIHE Learning

1. After login to the site you will see the list of courses you are teaching for the current semester under 'My Courses'

2. If you click on any of the course name, you'll see the course page for that particular course and you'll see one or more of the following items (blocks) in that page:

3. By clicking on 'Turn editing on' button (top right corner) you will be able to edit the course contents which means you can edit the topics and use 'Add a resource' or 'Add an activity' for any of the topic of the course.

4. The link 'Compose Email' can be used to send an email to all the participants of the course including instructors. After clicking on 'Compose Email' you can select all the participants or a subset using the select box given. Attachments are also enabled.

5. You can use the 'News Forum' to post any topic relevant to the course

6. Edit your profile using 'Administration' block and if your photo is not there please upload it. The dimensions are 100 x 100 pixels (a square shape) and avoid unnecessary large background area, give the priority to your face.

7. In this system only one email address is maintained. Give the most suitable one.